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Angamaly Diaries will let you experience the beauty of Angamaly

Angamaly Diaries will let you experience the beauty of Angamaly. Angamaly Diaries directed by Lijo Joseph Pellisary. This Extraordinary Screenplay written by Chemban Vinod Jose.

Vincent Pope (Antony Varghese) who acted lead role in this film started telling the entire story from the beginning.

This is story that revolves around angamaly city. the director wants reveal each and everything of this city follows including cultural events, foods, peoples everything.

Vincent Pope inspired from his senior who is wandering the city with dominance over peoples by maintaining a gang.

Like this way Vincent wants to enjoy his life. After he became adult his beloved senior assaulted by rival gangsters Appani Ravi (Sarath Kumar), U clamp Rajan (Tito Wilson).

Vincent and his friends started engaging some violence activities without a valid reason. On the other side some romantic sequences were shot by the director to release the tense.

If you watched this film previously you know one plate of rabbit meat will create biggest chaos for both gangs. This is where the biggest conflict starts.

Vincent end up killing one person this let suffer so many family. Vincent lost his girlfriend due to murder case & fall for another girl in the end.

Angamaly Diaries Movie Review

This murder creates another conflict which repel vincent and his gangs till end. This film contains every emotions love, betrayal, anger, vengeance and pity.

Angamaly Diaries consist each & everything from a boy in childhood to mens in their late adulthood.

In his teenage vincent used to watch bathing girls and his adulthood he couldn’t tolerate when his girlfriend wore sleeveless top.

It consists so many fights unlike typical masala movies. These are choreographed like what we do in our real life if any problems occur how we gather gang and make fight in area by area.

After certain age Vincent will understand his irrational character used to create unnecessary chaos and fights and anger management issues as well.

Appani Ravi and U clamp Rajan characterization seems absolutely brilliant. The way they creating chaos and end up in violence looks stunning.

Things I personally like how vincent convince his first lover for break up after he charged with murder case. He doesn’t want her and her family to suffer cause this case may take plenty of time.

This Film explained how our lives are influenced by the peoples whoever living nearby or with us. We end up doing the same stuff like they did irrespective of whether it’s good or bad.

The director and writers wants to explore the peoples, cultural events food etc.. everything revolves around in the angamaly city. Especially those pork farming & meat and it’s love for angamaly peoples.

There are so many things in this film I don’t want to reveal. So It will be great experience If you spent some time for this gem.

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