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Bamfaad Movie Review; A Conflict Between Love and Betrayal leads to Series of Crime

Bamfaad Movie Review; A Conflict Between Love and Betrayal leads to Series of Crime. Bamfaad Movie Review Download. Bamfaad directed by Ranjan Chandel.

This entire story takes place Allahabad city. Nasir Jamal (Aditya Rawal) who is a freak accidentally fall in love with Neela (Shalini Pandey). Neela was taken care by Jigar Fareed (Vijay Varma) who is a local Gangster.

There is no deep relationship between Jigar and Neela. He is just using her for his physical needs by providing everything where neela is desperate about her life.

When Nasir fall for Neela Where the problem arises between jigar and nasir. Already They crossed each other for small college incident.

After the betrayal of his close friend Zahid (Jatin Sharma) Things lead to series of chaos in his life. How he face Jigar and Conquer Neela from him will be the rest of the story.

Bamfaad Film Review

When Neela Puts her hand on thighs of Nasir, asked him how do you feel? He couldn’t express anything he might feel nervous. The very next scene he took a shawl and cover her upper body goes out without speaking single word.

Bamfaad film review

This intrigues Neela more into relationship. The violence scenes didn’t the way romantic scenes drive the movie. When violence and Romance bond together at least one of it could have been more strong.

If director Ranjan Chandel gave more importance either one of it this made the narration more interesting. Director Ranjan Chandel already worked with Anurag Kashyab for the films of Mukkabaaz, Manmarziyan and Raman Raghav 2.0.

We can easily witness the storytelling style of this director resembles how anurag did in his films placing songs without disturbing the narration, sensuousness crimes scenes and etc.

Background scores didn’t give any grip for the scenes whereas I feel the cinematography is somewhat good where we can see few beautiful frames.

When it comes to performance the protagonist isn’t convincing who shared most the screen time. As usual Shalini Pandey as Neela did well. Jatin Sharma got popular after he played bunty in sacred games.

In this Jatin didn’t get a strong role. I expect more from Vijay Varma as Jigar after imtiaz ali’s She Where He played excellently but unfortunately he was underused here even though he did really well.

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