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Money Heist Review; A Unusual robbery which is full of suspense & Emotions

Money Heist Review; A Unusual robbery which is full of suspense & Emotions. Money Heist Created by Alex Pina. Money Heist Season Part 4 Review. Streaming Partner Netflix.

Money Heist story seems like simple Robbery takes place. Unlike other stories here they had given importance to each characters.

Professor gathered 8 peoples who are previously got into the robbery or other crime activities for rob 2.4 billion euros at Royal Mint in Spain.

The professor clearly explained we are going to rob without assault or kill anyone. There are 9 criminals including professor and one chief police officer and two peoples royal mint had personal stories in this series.

We can’t simply portray the robbery without even convey backstories of characters. Each characters had some interesting stories consists love, vengeance, sex, betrayal.

Money Heist Rewind

Money Heist Characters

The professor stayed at bed plenty of years heard tons of stories from his father who’s real robber. This might inspire him to robber without violence. Tokyo and Nairobi had emotional family issues which may fill ourselves.

There is father son sentiment moments between Moscow and Denver. We can witness brother bonds between the Oslo and helenski.

Tokyo and Rio had some extraordinary romantic drizzling at various scenarios. Inside the royal mint Arturito and Monica’s Affair lead to another affair.

Raquel who is a senior police officer who lead this robbery case who’s having problem with her ex husband and lives with her mother and daughter

We forget the professor who’s having more screen time than others build a relationship with Raquel as stranger. I don’t want to reveal the story much that’s why I’m telling some important moments.

There are lots obscenity and love making in this series. It’s not new for web series. What is driving more than any other things in this series is Suspence and Non linear story telling.

Money Heist Part 4 Review

Each episode contains at least three suspenseful scenes which drive our brain often. These suspense scenes had right mixture of each emotions made this series more successful.

Instead of going into robbery and some kind of action they built each and every characters so strong this is where the beauty lies.

They are pre-planned very well for the robbery. So They had the answer for each and every question might pop up in your mind. Despite these all you can find few loop holes.

I suggest it would be best entertainment for you if you invest your time. This review was written after I watched season one. Next season review will come stay tuned.

Nagesh K
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