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Google Doodle; Thank You: Packaging, shipping, and delivery workers


Google Doodle Greets Doctors, Nurses and Medical Workers. Google once again honor the doctors, nurses and other medical workers using google doodle.

Google wrote, “As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people are coming together to help one another now more than ever. We’re launching a Doodle series to recognize and honour many of those on the front lines.”

The entire world is shutdown due to corona spread. In these hard times we need to greet and honor whoever risking their lives for saving us like doctors, medical workers and defenses.

There are nearly 20lakh peoples affected due to coronavirus and more than 1.25 lakh people deceased. Its our time to unite with govt decision and do follow social distancing.

We’ve got nothing to do it. Just stay home stay safe with your family and encourage others to stay home. So Google came up with idea once again using google doodle.

Doodles animated emoji shows a heart emoji being sent to all healthcare workers. Previous time google greeted all the workers whoever risking their lives during this corona pandemic.

Google Doodle used to appreciate historic events, other ongoing events and some of the great peoples birth and anniversary.

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